LHR GmbH & Co. KG – Processes for disagreement dissolution

Despite all proclamations or claims, the processing of construction projects was less cooperative and conciliatory than was desirable. Court proceedings are unfortunately frequently completely uncertain.

A model of a court settlement accompanying construction, which can be accepted by all construction parties, must have the following principles:

  • Closely related processing of the construction project by the contract partners
  • Solution of problems accompanying planning and construction through establishment of a forum which deals with the contract in order to make decisions quickly
  • Contractual and construction-related aspects must be handled.
  • Appointment of technically highly qualified individuals to the arbitration panel, as decisions on a broad range of facts had to be reached within the shortest possible time.
  • Obligations of the contract partners to recognise and implement the rulings
  • Readiness to deal with the problems as early on as possible to avoid effects on the construction process
  • Negotiations are only conducted by the closest representatives of the contract partners