Construction mediation

– An alternative to trials –

For construction projects, the many complex influences represent a challenge for all those involved. Therefore, there is hardly a construction project without conflicts.

Mediation offers the parties the chance to arrive at a solution for their different opinions at low cost, quickly and above all self-determined.

In cooperation with the Heidelberg Institute for Mediation we have developed a concept that combines the expert knowledge gained from both areas – construction and conflict management.

In mediation, differences of opinion between the parties with regard to claims for payment, qualities and deadlines, however also social conflicts can be promptly resolved.

As substantive problems outweigh emotional issues in construction, intensive professional support must be provided in order to also promote a proper and professional solution.

Through work on all conflict levels, the parties reach an agreement in many cases and settle their dispute.

Mediation can accompany planning and construction or be used after completion of the structure.

The Heidelberger Institut für Mediation (Heidelberg Institute for Mediation) is one of Germany’s oldest and most renowned institutes for mediation. It stands for competence, experience and quality. The mediators work according to quality standards of the major German mediation associations.