Design and support of construction site documentation

The client and the contractor frequently experience enormous difficulties when evaluating construction processes and their disturbances, as well as the costs resulting from them. The cause of this lies in the lack of traceability of the adequate causal relationships between the cause and the effect of the disturbance. Here only an informative documentation of the construction process can provide a remedy.

It should be ensured that

  • the actual construction process
  • the capacities used/reserved (personnel, equipment, subcontractors)
  • the performance progress
  • the correspondence
  • the planned deliveries
  • an acquisition/documentation of disturbances

can be reproduced with sufficient accuracy.

At the same time, it is advisable to store the entire correspondence in a process transaction-related manner. To ensure direct networking of the documents here, we developed a database for managing the correspondence. In this database the most important excerpts from the contract documents and the correspondence can be recorded on a higher level in order to ensure a fast overview of important facts.