Disturbed construction process

Multi-level-verification-method for disturbance-dependent extension of time

For the determination of disruption-dependent construction time extensions, demanding requirements are placed on the detection method.

The multi-level-verification-method developed by LHR for the evaluation of disturbed construction processes meets these requirements and comprises the following stages:

Stage 1: Identification of the delay event

Stage 2: Description of facts

Stage 3: Analysis of correspondence / documentation

Stage 4: Expert assessment of the liability

Stage 5: Determination of length and impact of the delay event and calculation of the recognizable delay

Stage 6: Determination of a theoretical, disrupted-modified schedule

Stage 7: Description of the theoretical effects on the construction process

Stage 8: Description of the owed construction process after integrating the disruption

Stage 9: If necessary, updating of the float


Ideally, we already accompany our clients when a disruption event occurs. As a result, we help everyone involved to already recognise the consequences of the contractual deviations at an early stage, and therefore to introduce possible countermeasures for the purposes of the project. To ensure the foundation for claims, we have developed a documentation management program which we can individually adjust to the existing situation and the needs of our respective client.

Our clearly structured procedure is the basis for the expert opinion which represents the interests of our customers in the best possible way.