Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Lang

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Lang


Expert publicly appointed and sworn by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Darmstadt, Germany, for “Determination and invoicing of the construction price in structural and civil engineering”

Construction Mediator

Partner, Proxy (Authorised Officer) and Scientific Advisory Council



Civil engineering degree from the Technical College in Darmstadt, Germany-

1983-1984 Technical project manager at Hochtief AG, Frankfurt, Germany-

1985-1987 Scientific employee at the Institute for Construction Management and Information Processing at the Technical College in Darmstadt, Germany

1988-1991 Project Manager in the Technical New Building Department at Boehringer Mannheim GmbH

Since 1991 Full-time continuation of expertise and consulting activity as owner of a specialised engineering office

Since 01/01/1995 Professor for Construction and Construction Operations at the Technical College in Darmstadt, Germany

From 01/01/2001 to 31/12/2009 Senior partner in the Engineering and Expert Partnership Prof. Dr.  Lang • Holz • Rasch – Construction Operations and Construction

From 01/01/2010 Partner, proxy and scientific advisory council of LHR GmbH & Co. KG

Co-author of textbook entitled “Bauverzögerung und Leistungsänderung” (Construction Delay and Change in Performance) from publisher Werner-Verlag

In addition, extensive activity as a lecturer including seminar publications and numerous publications and technical journals



Fon.: +49-(0)6252/99691-11
Mail: Lang(at)