Project and contract management

The course will be set early on for the successful realisation of a construction project. Good planning, a precise invitation to tender and a structured awarding process are indispensable conditions for successful project management.

In order to not only be active in the examination, but also in the management of projects, LHR has expanded its field of activities to include the planning phase before the start of construction. We do not see ourselves as a “classic” project manager, but rather as an expert project and contract manager, which – based on how we define ourselves – accompanies the planning and construction process with constant expert evaluations.

Important elements of successful contract management are:

  • Project organisation at the interfaces, e.g. construction monitoring and claim management
  • Preparation of directives on how to react to certain events (e.g. interruption of construction, extreme weather conditions, terminations, etc.)
  • Establishment of rules for reporting, e.g. use of forms for managing internal and external processes
  • Ensuring the exchange of information. In this context, the preventative creation of documentation on the planning and construction progress must also be organised.

We request and promote open communication in all directions, which provides all those involved with the ability to successfully participate in the project under binding specifications and clear rules.