Several questions must be answered when terminating a construction contract:

  • Has the contract been terminated by the contractor or the client?
  • Have the contractual agreements been met?
  • What consequences does the termination have on the claim to payment of the contractor and how should possible counter-claims of the client be evaluated?

One special aspect are the so-called partial terminations which, however, are only possible for self-contained components/services.

We will consult and support you in every stage, prepare elaborations and produce reports:

  • Contact analyses
  • Documentation of services provided
  • Invoicing of services provided
  • Identification of costs not saved for services not provided
  • Determination of termination-dependent damage costs
  • Evaluation of substitute measures

We have already dealt with terminations of (global) lump-sum contracts for major projects many times with which

the required performance later also had to be depicted so that a performance appraisal and with it an invoicing of the services provided and not provided is possible in the first place.